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The Outer Banks of North Carolina has grown to become one of America’s major tourist attractions. With the miles and miles of expansive beaches and the hundreds of shipwrecks, along the coast, the nickname “Graveyard of the Atlantic” has become a popular synonym.

These fragile barrier islands, off the coast of North Carolina, separate the Atlantic Ocean from the mainland of North Carolina. Our stunning beaches, state parks, and shipwreck diving sites attract thousands of visitors year-round. Roanoke Island was the site of England’s first settlement in the New World. An endeavor sponsored by Sir Walter Raleigh.

Historically it is thought that Amerigo Vespucci was most likely the first European explorer to reach these golden islands sometime between 1499 and 1500. From pirates to World War II battles to world-famous hunting lodges to The Wright Brother the Outer Banks has a remarkable history.

Long before the towns of Duck, Corolla and Kitty Hawk were established this area was known as a series of small life-saving stations and lighthouses established by the U.S. Government.

So come and visit our home, your history, and enjoy the beauty so many love and come back to year after year.